St Johns Veterinary Hospital

and Cat Clinic

Boarding, Grooming

Playcare, Petstore

We consider your pet to be our special guest when boarding. Dogs are individually walked and all pets are carefully monitored by our caring animal care staff.

Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians provide their expertise to make certain your pets have a great time while you are away.



Our professional groomers, Debbie Tripp and Hope Mast, will custom tailor a cut that shows your pet off at their best.

Itchy or dry skin? Medicated baths provide soothing relief.



You work, they PLAY ALL DAY!


Group Play

Puppy Playcare

Available Monday through Friday.


Pet Store

We stock the widest range of veterinary prescription diets in the area for pets with diabetes, skin allergies, sensitive stomachs and urinary tract disease, to name a few.

Our trained staff can help you with collar and harness fitting, behavior aides and fun items for your pup or kitten.

Whats New!


Pets need dental care too! .

80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease by the age of 3..

Routine dental cleaning removes plaque and tarter from pet's teeth. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia without any pain or discomfort to the pet.

We Care!


If your pet becomes ill, our veterinarians are experienced in critical care..

If your pet needs surgery


Four staff veterinary surgeons provide a wide range of complex and routine procedures. Surgical and anesthetic protocols are individualized specifically for your pet..