St Johns Veterinary Hospital and Cat Clinic

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Our Hospital

A 10,000 square foot Veterinary Center

State of the Art

Diagnostics provide answers because pets can't tell us whats wrong.


We understand the bond you have with your pet.

Full Service for Pets

Playcare, Boarding, Grooming.

Our Promise to Wildlife

Veterinary care to wildlife at no cost.

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and Cat Clinic       904-824-8123


  • Please join us in welcoming Dr. Heidi Abrecht to our veterinary hospital!   For appointments call 904-824-8123
  • The pool is open! It's a great time to bring your dog to have fun, cool off and socialize at playcare!

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Veterinarian examining young girls rabbit

Dogs, Cats, Exotics


Specialized care for your dog, cat and exotic pet.

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Advanced Technology


Endoscopy, Acupuncture, Digital Dental Radiography, Ultrasound

Veterinarian performing surgery

Medical, Surgical


From routine vaccinations to advanced surgical care our team is there for you and your pet.


What's New

Cat holding a tooth brush in his paws

Pets need dental care too! 


80% of dogs and 70%

of cats have some form

of periodontal disease by

the age of 3.


Routine dental cleaning

removes plaque and tarter

from pet's teeth.

The procedure is performed

under general anesthesia

without any pain or discomfort

to the pet.



We Care


 Mother and son with their pet in the intensive care unit

If your pet becomes ill, our veterinarians are experienced in critical care.

If your pet needs surgery


Dr. Burkhalter holding a white cat 

Four staff veterinary surgeons provide a wide range of complex and routine procedures. 

Surgical and anesthetic protocols are individualized specifically for your pet.

Dr. Matthew Young


Dr. Matt Young

Dr. Matthew Young graduated from the University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine and began his veterinary career practicing at a large 365 day-a-year veterinary hospital and emergency facility located in North Carolina where he saw a variety of complex medical, surgical, and emergency cases.

While Dr. Young enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, he has special interests in ultrasonography, minimally invasive techniques/surgery, pain management, and internal medicine. Outside of veterinary medicine,

Dr. Young is married to Dr. Sarah Franz who also is an associate veterinarian at St. Johns Veterinary Hospital. They share their lives with their three dogs: Jack (their senior Dachshund), Ruger (their rescued Doberman Pinscher), and Beretta (their black Labrador Retriever). During his free time Dr. Young enjoys running, fishing, hiking, and travel.

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